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Real Time... Lab or On-Line


View Thickness and Trends in real time!

Basic Features / RS232 Data Capture...
  • Works with our LE1000-2 contact gauge, our Laser gauges, and our Z500 series of non contact gauges.
  • Will work with most any gauge/device having typical RS232 output.
  • Displays active measurement...
  • Displays Min and Max reading...
  • Displays Standard Deviation...
  • Displays Average (User selectable), Long term Avg and Min/Max, Short term Avg and Min/Max.
  • Displays Graph of recorded readings.
  • Press F3 to record a single reading or, use Automatic mode...
  • Automatic mode is for recording timed Readings.... enter time between Readings (Interval), enter number of Readings (Quantity).
  • Captured data goes to a .TXT file.
  • Record continuously or single trigger with... On-Screen Button, "F" Key, or a Foot pedal (optional)

Expanded Features...
  • Pre-Assign Job number to recorded data
  • Record Operator ID
  • Record Job specific notes
  • Supports "Login" feature
  • Save and Recall specific setups.
  • Set & view Upper and Lower Specification Limits and Nominal/Target value
  • Multiple graphing views... Perfect for viewing TRENDS in real time.
  • View raw sensor output on main screen
  • Accepts data from two (2) sensors
  • Zero button for easy reset
  • X and Y axis values can be changed as needed
  • Supports Running, or Group Average
  • Display MM or Inches
  • Select/display "X" places after Decimal place
  • Works on any Windows® XP, XP Pro

Looking for a measurement gauge...

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Capture RS232 data with Serial Port Capture Software brought to you in one easy to use location.

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