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  RS232 to any Windows   program

  Capture RS232 data!

Record Value with...

Foot Pedal

  "F" Key
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LE3000-1 data capture software

Basic Features / RS232 Data Capture...
  • Works with any gauge/device having typical RS232 output.
  • Large button... press to record a single reading
  • Automatic mode is for recording timed Readings.... enter time between Readings (Interval), enter number of Readings (Quantity), press start. Your finished.
  • Captured data goes to... Large green button, and, at your option, Excel®, Access®, Notepad®, or any Windows® application. Just open the application, make it your focus and the readings go there.
  • Move display where you want it with right mouse click and drag
  • Foot Pedal activation of Read or Timed reading. (requires optional foot pedal)
  • "F" KEY activation of Read (F8) or Timed reading (F9). (user changeable)
             Add Date and Time to recorded reading

                    Add Units to recorded reading

                          Record with... On-Screen Button, "F" Key, Foot pedal

                               Add any prefix or suffix to recorded reading

                                      Single or Timed reading(s)

                                           Drop live RS232 data to Excel or any Windows program

  1. Enter the device "READ" command, 2 places.
  2. Enter the serial communication parameters.

  3. Parse out the "value" from the data string sent by the device... in most cases all you need to do is change 2 numbers. The pre-configured set-up is explained so you can easily parse out the numeric reading from the string sent by your device.

Output examples...
Config file is preset for...  Value / Date / Time  (user changeable)

Expanded Features...
  • Runs in System Tray
  • Mouse control
  • Add Prefix or Suffix
  • AZERTY or QWERTY keyboard
  • Support of Bluetooth devices
  • Removal of Specific ASCII Characters
  • Support of RS232 Storm Keypads
  • Barcode Scanner, RFID Proximity, AWID
  • Bioscrypt fingerprint V-Pass FX reader
  • Password protected configuration
  • Upper case option
  • Search and replace string characters
  • Control multiple serial , TCP / UDP Ethernet ports
  • Sends data to default or specific application ** POS, Excel, Word, or your own customized software
  • Generate actions in your PC via your serial port ** External remote switch on pin CTS & DSR
  • Opening/closing of relays... National Control Devices R4x and R8x Pro RS-232 E3C Networkable Relay Controllers (4-Relay Controllers and 8-Relay Controllers)
  • Works on any Windows® 32 bit system... 2000, XP, XP Pro

Looking for a measurement gauge...

All information is subject to change without notice.
Capture RS232 data with Serial Port Capture Software brought to you in one easy to use location.

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