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barcode scanners

any other serial
data capture.

  RS232 to Excel

  RS232 to Access

  RS232 to Notepad

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  RS232 to any Windows   program

  Capture RS232 data!

Eliminate Errors & Save Time

Developed by end-users, for end-users. Solve your data capture needs in minutes, not hours or days. Ideal for lab or production. No complex macros or programming.

Finally, a wedge / data transfer program that is easy to use and works with any RS232 gauge having a standard RS232 interface. The program is specifically designed to capture data from most ANY Gauge, Indicator, Micrometer, Scale/balance, or other RS232 compatible device. This is a very simple and powerful program with extensive capabilities, but its basic function... capturing RS232 data, has been made extraordinarily simple.

             Add Date and Time to recorded reading

                    Add Units to recorded reading

                          Record with... On-Screen Button, "F" Key, Foot pedal

                               Add any prefix or suffix to recorded reading

                                      Single or Timed reading(s)

                                           Drop live RS232 data to Excel or any Windows program

                                                  Works with most any gauge including Sylvac and Mitutoyo

                                                        Save to File with Date and Time Stamp

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The easiest way to get RS232 to Excel... Capture RS232 data... Capture serial data from any device... Simply The Best Serial Port Capture Software.

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Capture RS232 data with Serial Port Capture Software brought to you in one easy to use location.